The girl broke her left arm, but did not disclose details of the incident. The fracture did not prevent the star to appear in a bikini.

Young 18-year-old American model Kaia Gerber showed a broken arm. Pictures girlfriend shared on his page in Instagram.

The picture shows that the left hand is in plaster. The model starred in bikini khaki, demonstrating also the perfect figure.

In the comments Gerber noted that she “had a little adventure, but all right.” also, she has published a radiograph of the hand. How the model broke her arm, she didn’t.

The model also showed how uses a cast on his arm as a stand for the tablet, sitting in the pool. Bathing Gerber chose micro bikini blue, barely covering the chest.

Earlier it was reported that a known 18-year-old model was dressed without underwear. Also the Correspondent wrote that the daughter Olya Polyakova starred with a broken nose.

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