Photo: the Priest said that it was fun

An American priest blessed the Easter baskets of his parishioners with children’s water pistol. In such original way he kept social distance in a pandemic COVID-19.

Priest Tim pelk from the American city of Detroit used a squirt gun filled with Holy water to bless the congregation and sanctify their products at Easter. He did it in order to respect the social distance during the outbreak coronavirus infection, writes The Guardian.

70-year-old priest from the Church of St. Ambrose said that initially consulted with one of his friends, doctor’s offices urgent care to make sure that his plan is safe for himself and the congregation.

As noted by the Holy father, it was not only safe, but also fun.

Ingenuity Pelka was appreciated not only by parishioners, but also Internet users after photos of the unusual consecration of Easter baskets appeared on the network.

Recall that in the Rivne region, the priest was fined for the crowd at the cemetery.

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