In the framework of the 73rd session of the world health Assembly approved a resolution on coronavirus and were included in the composition of the Executive Committee who.


As reported by Interfax, on Tuesday, may 19, the participating countries unanimously approved a resolution that calls for a systematic analysis of the international community’s response to the pandemic COVID-19.

The document refers to the “impartial and independent” assessment of the situation and the intention to “study the lessons learned in the framework of international efforts against COVID-19”. In addition, the resolution refers to the need to identify the animal that was the source of the virus and to investigate ways of its transmission to humans.

The who adopted a resolution on the coronavirus chose Russia to the Executive Committee

In addition, the meeting elected 10 new members of the Executive Committee of the world health organization. One of them was Russia.

Along with Russia, to the Executive Committee entered Botswana, UK, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, India, Colombia, Madagascar, Oman and the Republic of Korea.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the US President Donald trump believes that the world health organization fulfills the requests of China.

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