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Nice words and cute gifts today, get all the women named Irina. The most beautiful and touching congratulations to the birthday girl – in the material

The name Irene comes from the Greek goddess Eirene – “calm”, “peace”, “peace”.

The birthday party of Irina celebrated several times a year:

  • 1 Oct – commemorated Martyr Irene of Egypt;
  • April 29 – a memorable day saints Irene of Corinth and Aqualaska;
  • May 18 – memorial day of the Holy Martyr Irina Macedonian;
  • May 26 – commemorated Saint Irene of Constantinople;
  • 17 August – the memorial day of Martyr Irina;
  • August 10 – the memorial day of St. Irene of Cappadocia;
  • August 26 – memorial day Nobleborn Empress Irene;
  • 12 and 16 January – the day of memory of great Martyr Irene;
  • March 7 – memorial day of Martyr Irina Smirnova.

What Is Irina

Irina to all his duties is a big responsibility. So, home she won’t go to bed until it’s all undone, all that is necessary for tomorrow.

Irina calm during any adversity, not shaken, not dissolved in self-pity, and immediately looks for a specific way out of this situation. Over her fragile shoulders family can feel like a stone wall.

Irina is a good specialist in any work she brings an element of creativity. Irina love and respect her family, colleagues, appreciate the guidance.

She is always restrained, not talks too much, is not exchanged for trifles. Irina is a kind and sensitive person. At its help, you can always count on.

What to give Irina a birthday

Beautiful embroidered towel is a perfect gift and will serve as a memorable thing.

Engraved with the name Irina can be applied to any object: a piece of jewelry, a pen, a Cup, a clock, dishes, box.

The birthday girl will be pleased to receive as a gift a diary with her name and wishes inside.

Tea or coffee with different flavors will be a pleasant and inexpensive gift. The kit can be make a personalized mug.

Congratulations to Irina’s name day

Ira, this perfect day of yours
Sincerely I congratulate you.
For love you open heart,
To be loved and to love desire.

Be happy in spite of all enemies,
Difficulties bravely smile.
I wish that you were lucky
First of all always try!
I congratulate, Irina,
You have a birthday party.
Be loved and lovely
And, like a star, clear.

Be cheerful and healthy
Unusual, bright, new.
Let you see everything,
Be like dream.

By Day, Ira, with a beautiful day!
Want harmony in your house.
Let the wings of the angel will shelter from ills,
I wish you new achievements and victories.

And if you do have a little doubt,
Let the angel will tell you the right way,
From heaven let it drop you pen
For happiness, for joy, for peace, for good!
Dear Irina! I congratulate you happy birthday! Day angel I wish you to be always on top. Let your every new day be better than the last! Don’t stop dreaming, and your wishes will come true.
Dear Irina! Congratulations on your angel Day. I wish you ease in all your endeavors. Never look back, look only forward. Always believe in yourself and your strength. May the dark clouds never cover the clear sky of your happiness!
Ira! Today we celebrate your birthday. You’re so different. At times emotional, gusty and light as a Sunny summer day. Sometimes brooding, soulful and strong as the sea. You’re beautiful, and do not allow yourself to doubt it. Be happy! Happy Angel!

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