The journalist attempted to report from the local zoo, but curious lemurs prevented him

At the zoo Banha, in the County of Norfolk in the East of England, in the beginning of the year is a kind of census of animals. BBC reporter Alex Dunlop tried to make a story about this event.

To record stand-up he wanted in the company of lemurs, but animals was much more interesting to jump on the man, than quietly to sit beside him.

The journalist tried a cute smile and even something to feed the lemurs, but the bites were quite painful.

One of the offenders he called the “little Nipper”, and for another even did not spare the curse words.

Earlier we wrote that in the Kiev mini-zoo showed baby ruffed lemurs. Adult ruffed lemurs – the largest of any members of the family, they can weigh up to 4 pounds.

Also recall the brave mother duck attacked lemurs, protecting their Chicks. Visitors to the zoo witnessed a brief but desperate fight.

As reported, in 2014, the largest representative of the family of lemurs have joined the collection of the Kiev zoo. From Britain to the menagerie came a pair of young ruffed lemurs.

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