Selling tickets on the new tariffs will start on 30 April

Photo: EL AL Israel Airlines USA / Facebook

The Israeli airline El Al announced the rejection of low-fares on the concept of UP for direction Kiev – tel Aviv. This January 9 reported a specific resource

New concept of transport for all European routes, it is envisaged the introduction of three fare economy class Lite, Classic and Flex. Also return business class flights and are now working on the concept UP.

Lite provides for free carriage of hand Luggage, complimentary drinks and meals on Board, as well as the opportunity to accumulate miles of flight. For seat selection or baggage and must be paid.

Classic in addition to free options, Lite fare includes free seat selection, carriage of one suitcase weighing up to 23 kg and the possibility of making changes to the ticket or cancel if payment of the fine.

Flex additionally allows without penalty to change the ticket or cancel it.

Selling tickets on the new tariffs will start on 30 April, and the flights on the new concept will start from October 15, 2018.

C 2014 El Al flies from tel Aviv to Kiev, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Larnaca at a low-cost concept UP. It provides that the cheapest economy class only include the carriage of hand Luggage. Business class on such flights is missing.