Body massage is a series of massage procedures which are based on the “body-to-body” principle. It is one of the oldest types of massage art that came to us from Eastern countries.

In Paradise Salon For Men, you are invited to enjoy the “body-to-body” massage technique in an intimate atmosphere, where nothing can distract you from taking health-improving relaxation therapy. For more information on the body massage or to arrange a visit to a massage therapist, please call: +38(063)019-40-90 or +38(098)118-54-74. To learn more about the specifics of body massage procedures performed by “Paradise” please visit:

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Subtleties of body massage performed by professionals of our salon “Paradise”

  1. Mineral baths. They will help you relax and increase the sensitivity of your body before the massage.
  2. Oil massage. This technique, depending on the place of its performance, brings relaxation, excitement or produces a restorative effect on the man’s body (determined at the stage of choosing fragrance).
  3. Combination of massage techniques. Body massage is offered as an individual technique. In addition, this procedure is included in many other programs offered in the salon Paradise

You will learn more about body massage performed by our skilled massage therapists “Paradise” only during your visit to the salon!

Modern body massage for men is a comprehensive health-improving therapy for men!

Body massage performed by consummate professionals produces much greater effect than just expected relaxation. Performed by skilled masseuses of our salon, it is a healing procedure, especially desirable for men!

Effectiveness of body massage in the Paradise salon:

  1. Relaxation effect on the muscular system. During this procedure, all muscle groups in the man’s body are relaxed as a result of physical manipulations by the hands, legs and other parts of the body of the masseuse.
  2. Rejuvenating effect. Such result becomes possible due to the use of aromatic oils and agents improving skin elasticity, firmness and softness during the session. In addition, body massage will help regulate blood circulation and bring to normal other physiological processes in the man’s body.
  3. Improvement of the man’s emotional state. In the course of the body massage, your energy is released accompanied by vivid emotions. It will make you shake off all negative emotions and just concentrate on what is happening in the massage room.