The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova has congratulated Ukrainians on may 9, and quote a song by Russian singer Lev Leshchenko, who supported the occupation of Crimea.

Post with a video and a song she had published on his page in Facebook. In the comments of the attorney General ran into a barrage of criticism, and then responded to the haters.

Venediktov has congratulated Ukrainians on may 9 and quoted Leshchenko

“The song is a symbol of the victory over fascism. Song 1975 – this is our history and proud of a great Victory. Leshchenko – not a symbol. Russia – the country-aggressor. And the Ukrainian Crimea. It is not necessary to manipulate. Today is a bright day, the memory of the dead. My grandparents came back. I celebrate the Victory over fascism. Link removed – everyone it offended, I apologize. This is a private page, keep yourself in hand,” wrote Venediktov.

She later closed the opportunity to comment on the publication on his page and called her a “private garden”, where behaves as he wants.

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL informed, Lukashenka in the midst of a pandemic threw a Grand parade on 9 may. To see it brought together hundreds of people without means of individual protection and observance of a safe distance. Thus the head of state said critics of the event.

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