Photo: Male in the house made a good repair

Lucky can get a renovated two-storey house for just two pounds. While the new owner will not have to pay legal fees.

A UK resident Daniel Tonefor playing the lottery, a two-storey house in South London after eight months could not sell. Part of the proceeds, the British will donate to physicians, writes Metro.

Tonefor bought a house early last year after the wedding. However, after a while, the couple decided to move to a more quiet place.

Before selling the house the man, investing a good money, made repairs. For the mansion with three bedrooms, living room, kitchen-dining room he wants 400 thousand pounds sterling.

House for a long time no one was buying, so Daniel will play it in the lottery. He printed and put on sale 200 thousand lottery tickets at two pounds each, to offset all of their expenses.

The drawing will take place on may 31 in the presence of a lawyer. Lucky Shine is not only a house, but he also will not need to pay the required legal fees.

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