Photo: the President has accused a laboratory in the “dirty game”

The President of Tanzania conducted a fun experiment with tests COVID-19. As a result, the tests showed that the infection allegedly, there are not only people, but goats and vegetables.

The President of Tanzania John Magufuli decided to test how effective tests for coronavirus. He was sent to the laboratory the samples taken not only in humans but also in animals and fruits. The positive was the result of a goat and papaya. Magufuli dismissed the head of the national laboratory of health, writes Aljazeera.

“We have sent to the lab with some dummy samples, which is attributed to human names. For example, oil, as alleged, a sample of the 30-year-old man of Jabir Hamza – negative. We sent a sample from the jackfruit, as alleged, the trial of 45-year-old woman named Sarah Samvel – final result is not established. And when we sent a sample of papaya and named it a breakout 26-year-old Elizabeth Ann, the papaya is discovered coronavirus. In the analyses of the goat, too,” – said the President of Tanzania.

He accused the lab in “the dirty game”. In respect of the dismissed head of the national laboratory of health launched an investigation.

At the same time John Magufuli did not rule out that test cases that found the coronavirus in goats and papaya, could be faulty. The country of origin of the tests he did not name.

Earlier it was reported that the woman complained of the symptoms COVID-19: she was diagnosed with a hangover.

As we have already mentioned, the Italian ran away from home, not to sit with the family in quarantine.

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