The Board of the Institute of modernization of content of education with the MES back to school curriculum for grades 10-11 (optional) course “Basics of the family”. The author argues that sex before marriage, abortion and contraceptives are evil. The textbook provoked a strong reaction from the public dissent and outrage parents.

Read more about the anti-scientific arguments and religious views of the family, read the material OBOZREVATEL.

As described in the tutorial

In particular, the author of the textbook, PhD Adrian Bukovina calls the woman’s decision to terminate premeditated murder, “deliberate and direct killing of a human being”. Also the author left the assertion that the majority of contraceptives are murder.

The textbook “Foundation of the family”

In his opinion, if young people enter into a relationship, it almost always comes their breakup. However, after the experts ‘ comments Bukovina it was removed, but the assertion that couples who had sex before marriage, get divorced more often, left.

Changed my opinion of the author and about children who grow up in single-parent families. He refused the claim that they are more aggressive and prone to crime. He agreed to make it more tolerant.

All these things caused resentment and misunderstanding of parents and public organizations, and in November last year, the textbook was banned and sent to the expert Committee. However, in April of this year, this textbook is the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine once again gave the nod.

Should have been called “the Christian family”

As explained by co-founder of OBOZREVATEL GO “Farther SOS” Elena Bondarenko, this tutorial is written with explicit Christian component in views on the family. “If he called himself “the Christian family”, then neither the parents nor the children would not be deceived. They would have understood that there is presented a religious view of the family”, she said.

Illustration tutorial


Bondarenko believes that the textbook offers a frankly unscientific religious theses: that premarital sex is harmful to health, social relations that need to protect themselves.

“I understand that if you get married at age 35, then this must be your first sexual contact. And abortion is, in the author’s opinion is murder. In this case we have a law, which clearly says that such a murder. I understand that it can be moral beliefs of a person, anyone – believer or not a believer. But to impose the children from school feeling guilty about it, to convince that in the future the girl will not be able to give birth without harm to the health of the child, I think you should not. And what about girls who are victims of abuse?” – asks it a question.

“Also, the textbook says that contraception is evil. In our country, the AIDS epidemic, and we oppose contraception. And the role of women in the author’s opinion, to love and praise your husband, pray for him, help him and raise his children. These settings of the 15th century about the role of women in our current society does not work” – said Bondarenko.

In addition, it draws attention to the fact that the tutorial parents will be forced to buy it, it costs 250 UAH. “That is some zarobitchanstvo in school. The law clearly States that all that concerns education in schools provided by the state” – emphasizes Bondarenko.

Illustration tutorial


Acts churches

On the page in Facebook Adrian Bukovina reports that his textbook was supported by 10 thousand people. Which is not surprising. Because the author was supported by the all-Ukrainian Council, which includes, for example, all-Ukrainian Union of churches of Evangelical Christians Baptists, the Church of “Victory”, “Ukrainian missionary Church, Church,” “New generation”, etc.

Adrian Bukovina during a speech at the Victory Church


On their website they urged their supporters to write letters to the Ministry of education, the Institute of modernization of the content formed to support the textbook and not to give “to create the illusion, as if indeed the program has a lot of parents.”


Besides, signatures in support of this program and put the deputies, among them Oksana Bilozir, Ilya Kiva, Bohdan Yaremenko (involved in a sex scandal in the Parliament), Sergei Taruta, told Elena Parfenova, co-founder of GO “Farther SOS”.

Bukovina itself is a frequent speaker at meetings of the Church “Victory,” the Word of God, calls himself an expert in family relations and says that for many years has prepared for marriage hundreds of couples.

“Bukovina openly promotes religious values. We see a lot of his speeches in churches that are not our traditional churches. Bukovina training for our teachers. It turns out, mon pays teachers in the bosom of some religious organizations, it is dangerous, and in education this is unacceptable”, – said Bondarenko.

The author in his response, OBOZREVATEL reported that a parishioner is a traditional Church, and stands there, where he was invited.

“My textbook is supported by representatives of all the churches. Your question about traditional and non traditional Church some to be discriminatory. But if you’re interested, I belong to a denomination, which is (as you say) to the traditional Ukrainian churches. And speaking wherever I was invited,” said Bukovinsky.

Adrian Bukovina during a speech in the Church “Word of God”


With regard to the dominance of the textbook of religion, the author says: “once finalized, these claims are unfounded. There are 70 topics, each theme has to critically think and draw their own conclusions. The program is designed for all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs or their absence”.

Most of the questions were to the author’s assertion that “abortion is deliberate murder.” However, the author argues that it was not so. “This assertion that abortion is a deliberate killing in the tutorial was not there. Actually there is no word “conscious”. Agree, this is a significant difference. We left the assertion that abortion is murder. The issue of development of the child in the womb is very well researched. We call a spade a spade,” – said OBOZREVATEL author of the textbook.

In turn, Olena Bondarenko said that the comments from the anti-discrimination Commission were many, but not all of them were taken into account: “But, despite this, the textbook back in school.”

Bukovina on its website reports that 31 of the observation of the experts was taken into account and amendments, 31 no, and four remain open.

Parents against

“We have a Pope goes to a non-traditional Church. My son drives there. It is their own business, but he in the fall of last year began to actively persuade us to do elective in this textbook. Although many parents wanted an extra English or German. He literally spammed our group in Viber. His arguments were: “your daughter then getting pregnant, and you lead them to abortion. That’s better now let think”. Good that this textbook was banned. And now he will again begin their campaign,” says the mother of a 10-klassnitsa from Zhytomyr oblast Valentina Gulenok.

Illustration tutorial


“We have a believing family, but what I saw in this tutorial, I don’t like. I think we are home to the daughter to explain what marriage, family and documania relationship. The school she went to gain knowledge. But if someone wants, let them go to weekly Church school,” – said the mother of 11-klassnitsa Victoria.

“I am against “Christian ethics” in school and “the foundations of family.” None of these items children are not allowed, do not perceive the children in the class conversations and contraception and pregnancy. And the fact that religion has actively impose through different extra courses in school – it’s a fact. I would do it is banned in school,” – said the mother of the schoolgirl from Ternopil Natalia.

Probably, the Ministry of education should return to the revision of the controversial textbook and study well, before passing into the hands of children.

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