The almond is the edible kernel of seeds of the same plants that have valuable nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic properties.

It should be noted that the almond is a must in daily diet because it supports the nervous system, reduces the feeling of hunger and prevents depression, according to

Thanks to omega-3 it has anti-inflammatory effect, controls the level of bad cholesterol and protects the heart and arteries.

In addition, almond has the ability to rejuvenate and neutralize the signs of aging because it contains vitamin E and fatty acids.

Almond milk is the only vegetable milk, which contains calcium. It is a panacea for bones and intestines, especially when combined with yogurt, as it becomes a great intestinal probiotic. To do this, dissolve the pellets in water kefir almond milk and let them wander around within 24 hours. Store in the refrigerator and drink a glass a day.

Useful properties

You can use whole almonds (preferably with skin rich in fiber and minerals), ground as flour, in the form of oil or milk. It provides the body with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, omega-3 fatty acids, b vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus and fiber.

But do not forget that almonds are very high in calories also, so suggest to use not more than 5 pieces a day , accompanied by fruit and a Cup of green tea.

The secret: soak the almonds for a few hours

If you want to fully enjoy all the beneficial properties, you need to soak the almonds (this applies to other types of oilseeds) for a few hours in warm water. This is a natural way which helps to soften the fibers and allows the digestive system to better absorb the nutrients and active ingredients.

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