Spain managed to weaken the coronavirus pandemic, what can be said about the economy. The country is experiencing recession and many locals sit for a few months without money.

That is why the government is gradually lifting the restrictions, but it does not save the society from the discontent. What is happening in one of the most affected by COVID-19 countries, and why in Madrid and Barcelona held a protest at OBOZREVATEL.

The dead became less

According to official statistics in Spain 280 thousand cases and almost 28 thousand deaths. Despite the terrible numbers last week, the country of the Pyrenees began to emerge from quarantine.


  • Decreased the number of new infections, for may 20 plus 721 people; died 110. A month ago the figures were 6-7 times more;

  • The economy is collapsing. If not removed, the country could slide into a deep financial crisis. Every day counts.

Ukrainian Artem Lazarev, which in recent years living in the East of Spain (Murcia) told OBOZREVATEL several stages of the removal of restrictions (there are 4), which is administered at the direction of the head of government Pedro Sanchez.

From 4 to 11 may – the country was conditional on zero phase. When allowed to go outside on walks, to play sports, but only in certain hours. For example, for young people from 8 to 11 a.m., then until 15:00 for seniors and after that for people with children.

The first stage – (from 11 to 25 may) opened the summer terraces of restaurants, stores up to 400 sq m, hairdressing and Church services. You can move within the same city, in other regions you can not drive. The police have every right to stop a person on the street, to demand documents and to know the goal of his movement.

While not all cities included in the first stage. For example, Madrid and Barcelona. There are number of cases was still high.

Summer terraces are already working

Second stage – (from 25 may to 8 June) are allowed to visit the larger stores (including the SEC), free access to the shops, with no explanation of any particular target for the police. You can go inside restaurants and also to gather in groups. Opens cinemas, museums, theaters with a load of not more than 30%.

“Since may 21, we should go in disguise on the streets. Just yesterday there was a decision at the government level. By the way, on this background quite recently there was a big scandal. Pharmacies and shops has drastically raised the prices of the masks and buy one thing can be an average 5 Euro. And if you follow all the rules, then a day you need to change the mask 3-4 times, in the end, the average Spaniard should spend a day just on this 20 Euro which is very expensive. After the media raised the discontent, the authorities decided to limit the price of mask is not more than 0,94 euros, “–said Artem Lazarev.

Third stage – (with 8 to 22 June) opening of parks and beaches, more free movement and loading in shops and restaurants will increase from 30 to 50%.

The beaches are still open only for athletes

Not without offenders

The removal of these restrictions is uneven, which causes dissatisfaction in many cities, in particular Madrid and Barcelona.

For example, in the capital of Spain passed an anti-government rally. According to local TV channel RTVE, may 17 took to the streets to 450 people. Many people do not like the work of Pedro Sanchez in General and the fact that the quarantine will be extended until the end of June. And local authorities of the capital and is sued for the actions of the Cabinet.

Protests in Barcelona against government policies

People are losing their jobs and sit without money

The economic situation in Spain is not the best. According to local newspaper El Pais, citing data from the International monetary Fund, GDP will collapse by 8% by the end of 2020. The unemployment rate on average will increase by 20%. At the end of April without a job left 3.3 million people (out of a total population of 46 million).

Local authorities are forced to resort to very creative solutions. According to Artem Lazarev, if the Spaniard took to the street in the allotted time, the police can send you home, or send in the nearest restaurant.

That is, to walk in fact prohibited, but to sit on the terrace of a café. Thus the authorities are trying to encourage locals to spend money in institutions supporting business.

“Small and medium businesses suffer serious losses. In addition to the churn and any restrictions, they still have to spend money on extra precautions. Some restaurants establish a tunnel, through which visitors enter. There are disinfectants, give gloves, handle even your sole measure temperature. I learned to organize such a structure is not cheap – about 2 thousand Euro. So now survive only large companies such as Mcdonalds or BurgerKing who have funding, a steady flow of customers and relatively low price,” – said Artem Lazarev.

Against this background, as previously wrote OBOZREVATEL, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro sánchez announced financial assistance of the Cabinet. 117 billion of these funds the state will provide the rest – is to attract investment. Of the total 100 billion will go to support entrepreneurs and maintain the level of unemployment, the remaining money on strategic sectors: water supply, electricity and more.

Previously, the government had adopted a few rules for those who have lost their jobs:

  • the employer dismisses the employee in the reserve for the duration of the quarantine and saves the job. The state is obliged to pay 75% of the salary to the employee on a monthly basis;

  • the employer completely dismisses and pays all necessary when caring payouts. Further the employee is on the account and receives a monthly allowance of EUR 800 for six months.

If this does not all have received the allotted allowance. According to our interlocutor, some of his friends were left without the promised benefits, which also stimulates dissatisfaction.

The local media often wonder – where did received from fines for coronavirus money? After all, to be fined on the spot could up to 3 thousand euros. Apparently, Spain is on the verge of social upheaval. It is possible that the increase of social and economic problems due COVID-19 prostimulirujte and political instability. And this will affect not only their domestic situation, but also in the European Union as a whole.

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