From sources close to the rate Putlera or Gitlina, but in any case enter into the offices of the Supreme military-political leadership of the energy superpower, announced a new, unique military device that is planned for serial production.

This development is so secret that it has two sides: “FOR” – co-op Lake or Putin’s inner circle, and “For internal use” that prohibits even to mention the existence of the document outside this circle of people. But we managed to get fragmentary information, in exchange for certain products, the production company “Roshen”.

As it became known, the device needs to solve the main problem of the armed forces of the Russian Federation once and for all. Since the problem is very specific and almost nowhere else is found, and this product is unique too. Now just know that it seems it should be “Uralvagonzavod”, or in extreme cases, the factory “Almaz-Antey”.

Characteristically, the problem of the armed forces is so obvious that its just no one notices, and yet, it was manifested directly during these days. During the retreat of the troops of the Haftarot from the capital, Libya’s government forces, among other things, found forgotten someone corpse of a Russian soldier.

That is Russian, you can guess by its appearance, because the local “rebels” are very different in appearance. In addition, they also discovered a tattoo in Latin “ih tam net”. Among the personal belongings were also many items of Russian manufacture, including a first aid kit with contents marked. Plus, in his duffel bag discovered the badge (pin) with the words “I Love Prigogine” and a CD with works of Richard Wagner “Entrance of the gods into Valhalla”. The link to the video inspection of two hundred and unzipping his backpack is not given, everyone can find their own, it is already available online.

And here’s the thing, because Moscow claims that it does not participate in the Libyan war, and look how it turns out, the Shell pull, squinting. And if it is about a Shell you can tell that this is the one that was delivered to the Emirates, something about squinting is not going to tell, because it violated the old principle of the NKVD: “no body, No case”, or as Stalin said: “no man – no problem”.

But the body – this is it, and what to do now, who knows. After all, if you pick up, you have to admit that in Libya (not in neighboring Ukraine) are fighting Russian mercenaries. And this despite the fact that there are no Russian-speaking population, which must be protected, neither the Orthodoxy nor the fascists and mercenaries are. It is bad and even ugly. Moreover, in Russia there is an article of mercenaries, in the form of recruitment into the military structure and recruitment to them. If so, then the question arises, who recruited squinting, who armed and so on. After all, it is a crime, and therefore business have to initiate. And if not to initiate, this is not a mercenary and a soldier of the armed forces, which is worse.

This is to avoid such troubles and it is planned to start production and deliver to each soldier a device PE-B1, which stands for: “Chiki-bunches – Wagner 1”. The device itself consists of blocks of plastic explosive, distributed in the form of “unloading and getting dressed before a fight under a bulletproof vest.” The electronic control device is a modified mobile phone type “Ioptron”, produced in Russia. It is able to handle the respiration and pulse of a fighter and once both are terminated, it automatically undermines the fighter so that from him almost nothing left.

The device has the option to operate them remotely. If the fighter is unconscious and the enemy may seize as evidence, the commander can activate a device with the same consequences. This feature is also useful in case of withdrawal of a soldier without orders. The commander can stop the retreat of one button.

Say their gonecountry proposed to give the device its own name “Ihtamnet-1”

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