Photo: Instagram/jasonderulo Video with the hapless gourmet has collected millions of views and likes

The famous performer has managed to Excel at eating corn. His embarrassment the actor posted on the social network and earned a lot of likes.

American singer Jason Derulo has ground off his front teeth when he tried to eat the corn, skewered on a rotating drill. Funny movie received a great response in the social network TikTok, where it was published is the celebrity

Derulo decided to join challenge Corn Drill Challenge. This method of eating cereal he called LifeCam, but something went wrong.

The footage shows how the 30-year-old singer brings to his mouth spinning in the drill, the ear of corn and begins to eat it.

But enjoy he did not succeed. He turns off the drill and in his startled face shows that something happened unexpectedly. A second later, the singer demonstrates what has happened.

It turned out he was about a head broke his front teeth.

“Don’t try to do it”, signed video Derulo.

By the way, the video has received more than 2.6 million likes, almost 36 thousand reviews, funny videos shared almost 62 thousand users.

Video Derulo published in Instagram. There he “only” 3.9 million likes.


Don’t try this 😭😭😭

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