Photo: Tarzan wants the government helped him to survive the quarantine

The actor wonders why the Russian authorities do not help artists, giving preference to seniors and doctors.

The husband of singer Natasha Koroleva is a Russian actor, singer and bodybuilder Sergey Glushko, known as Tarzan, complained about the lack of money due to the lack of the ability to work during a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus. This, in Thursday, may 21, according to the portal

According to Glushko, his only business – fitness center – closed because of restrictions imposed by Moscow to fight the spread of infection.

Also, according to him, the coronavirus was badly hit on the family budget: he and his wife, singer Natasha Koroleva, “faced with a shortage of funds.” In this regard, the artist wondered why the authorities do not help artists, giving preference to seniors and doctors.

“In contrast to grandparents who sit at home and received a pension, and receive, the actors do not have a dime. Moreover, we will the last person connected to life, because it is a mass gathering of people,” he complained to journalists Glushko.

At the same time, the singer believes that the Russians are convinced that artists are the richest people in the country, and require them to assist physicians.

“People do not understand!” summed up bodybuilder.

Earlier, the singer Jennifer Lopez told about the hardships of quarantine with four children and the abolition of the long-awaited wedding.

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