Photo: La Tua Italia There are 40 of free vouchers

Those who wish to relax in Italy and not pay for it not one penny is asked to complete a questionnaire and write what attracts you to this region. If you are lucky, the beautiful Molise is waiting for you from 4 July to 3 October.

Tourists can relax in the Italian region Molise, located two hours away from Rome, completely free of charge. Guests are offered a week-long stay in the empty houses and villas with multiple bedrooms, writes The Sun.

Local authorities Molise launched the campaign Regalati il Molise (Give yourself Molise). The initiative offers 40 free vouchers, which you can enjoy from 4 July to 3 October.

To be among the lucky ones, you should fill a special application in the Italian language and be sure to indicate why you want to spend your holidays in Molise.

Molise. La Tua Italia

“It’s beautiful but deserted villages, where no tourist accommodation. So we thought: how can we encourage people to come here in difficult times, when tourism is at a record low level,” – said a local resident Enzo Luongo.

He added that the County has a total of 305 thousand inhabitants, and many people moved to other areas “richer” and their houses stand empty.

Recall that in the Italian mountains, the glacier is covered with tarpaulin, that he did not melt.

We also wrote that the Eiffel tower has resumed. Facility warns that the elevators are not working and visitors have to climb and descend the stairs.

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