Photo: Musa Magodo began to openly cheat on his wife 9 years after the wedding

After the death of a wealthy pastor was that he was married to two women. Now both are fighting for the dead body of a millionaire and his legacy.

In Kenya, nine months can’t bury the founder of the religious organization Magodo International Ministries, millionaire Musa Magodo. He died on 2 September 2019. Appointed in the same month, the funeral did not take place, because it interfered with second wife Magodo, writes Tuko.

Now, because of litigation, two women a man can’t bury the tenth month.

Gladys of Nekesa married Magodo in 1991. According to her Alice Ingaza they took the house as a maid and nanny for children in 1994.

Nekesa said that her husband began to openly change since 2000, and then, seven years later, married Ingite, and did not obtain a divorce.

The litigation between the wives of a deceased millionaire continues.

Prior to this it was reported that buried alive the Indian was out of the grave. He was beaten by three colleagues, and buried alive in the sand.

Recall that the British students were asked to plan your own funeral.

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