The greatest danger of the new strain of swine flu, which revealed in China, is that the world’s population does not have the appropriate immunity.

This was during a broadcast on channel Obozrevatel TV told infectious disease physician Yury Zhigarev. “Most people can be infected”, he warned.

According to estimates by the doctor, today a real threat the virus carries, “but it has pandemic potential.”

Infectious disease also explained why the flu is dangerous for people’s health each year:

“The flu virus is one of the most mutable, it is changing rapidly. Each season the flu is a little different. That’s why we have flu season every year.”

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL,scientists have discovered in China a new strain of swine flu, which could cause another pandemic. The researchers believe that it has “all the hallmarks” which include the ability to transmit from person to person.

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