A resident of Cherkasy hung on your Audi A6 saloon special rooms. Instead of the usual Gosznak on his car there is a plate with the inscription COVID-19.

Picture of the car posted on his page in Facebook the journalist Vladimir Mukan. As we found out, so Ukrainian kind of decided to protest: until recently, because of the quarantine in Ukraine has not registered used cars, accordingly, the owner failed to register the purchased Audi. In the end, first he decided to ride on a homemade “quarantine” rooms.

Audi with the “quarantine” rooms


By the way, may 12, the service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs resumed their work (including on the registration of used cars), but because of the huge influx of people formed a queue for a month forward.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that he arrived In Ukraine hybrid crossover Honda.

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