Supplementing the diet with black pepper can have both positive and negative impact on your General wellbeing.

This page on the social network Facebook wrote nutritionist Sergey Antonyuk.

Bitter-burning taste and strong aroma of the pepper depends on the contained essential oils, the presence of which there is up to 2% of the alkaloid piperine it contains up to 9%.

“Piperine contained in the pepper irritates the thermo-receptors, causing vasodilation and blood flow, while increasing the temperature. It is positive in the correction of body weight. It should be noted that pepper improves the taste of food, but did not provoke overeating. Local irritating action of peppercorns a successfully used in the process of withdrawal from abuse of salt,” said the nutritionist.

Piperine has immunomodulatory properties, has bactericidal action, which serves as protection against pathogens. As noted by the nutritionist, these properties make reasonable use of pepper together with 40-80 ml. of vodka, and those who have a cold or is in a country with questionable microbiological status of the products.

As the doctor noted, to resort to such a recipe can only those who have no individual contraindications. The mechanism of action in the case of this cocktail is based on bactericidal action of ethanol and piperine. Given that piperine will rapidly expand the blood vessels, accelerate also the absorption of alcohol than potentiated its effect.

“When you use a variety of drugs and the use of pepper, especially the pepper lovers, we must understand that the rate of absorption in their blood and, consequently, the onset of action will definitely increase. Piperine improves the secretory function of the stomach, stimulating the production of hydrochloric acid than are useful for gastritis with low acidity,” said the doctor.

However, according to Antonyuk, to the use of pepper especially carefully it is necessary to approach in pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, when there is hyperacidity in the stomach, at the height of the inflammatory process to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and throughout the gastrointestinal tract. “It is not suitable breast-feeding and young children because of the vulnerability of the mucous membranes. In pregnancy, the use of pepper it is advisable to minimize,” – said the nutritionist.

In addition to the above properties, black pepper is also rich in vitamins B5, B6, and K.

In 100 grams of pepper contains relative to a daily dose: potassium – 53%, calcium – 44%, magnesium 42%, iron 54%, manganese – 637%, copper – 133%. By its nutritional value pepper, according to nutritionist, without a doubt, the product of a healthy diet, but requires moderation in use.

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