Photo: Twitter Artificial manure is sprayed on the car

The automaker is testing the paint on the back of the car with the help of faux bird droppings. The samples are specially sostarivayut to approach the most realistic conditions.

Ford uses synthetic bird droppings in order to check how strong and durable is the paintwork. In the laboratory, the company developed a substance that is almost completely corresponding natural counterpart. It is possible to simulate the acidity inherent in different types of birds living in Europe, writes Stuff.

Synthetic bird droppings is a spray that testers sprayed on the paint, and then subjected to artificial aging.

Thus, the simulated summer heat, when the sun paint on cars becomes softer, stretched, and then, when cools, shrinks and sticks to the droppings of birds to body.

As we wrote earlier, Ford has patented a new name for the car.

Also reported that rare Ford Mustang found in a garage after 39 years. Cars sell at auction. At the moment it is estimated at about 170 thousand dollars.

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