During the isolation period, when lovers of football there is no possibility to watch the matches of their teams, NIVEA for MEN makes the project for lovers of classic and cyberpatrol.

NIVEA MEN launches the tournament FIFA 20, which allows in conditions of isolation and limited communication to diversify your activities, become part of a team of famous players, to compete for real LootBoxes (gifts from the organizer NIVEA MEN) and have fun.

Four stars eSports V1lat, Ruha, Bafik and Polish student will get their team of 8 players who will be the winners of the qualifying tournament. Teams will play fun matches to earn points and to help the leader of the team in the final .

During the finals and before the final day will be a fun stream, where the captains will play each other and the audience, to fulfill challenges in FIFA20 and win prizes.

Registration is possible until 14 may inclusive on the website of the organizer of the tournament. Qualifying matches begin on may 11 and will be held for 4 days.

Note that the NIVEA MEN together with the Premier League and EA Sports in 2019 already did the first national tournament FIFA20, thanks to which Ukraine has joined the world cyberly EA Sports, and the Ukrainian cyberterrorist got the opportunity to compete at the international cyberarena.

In the final of the first tournament of the eight best cyberterrorists of the country was represented by the teams of the Premier League: Dynamo, Karpaty, Vorskla, Mariupol, the Dnepr-1, Alexandria, colossus and the Gums. The winner of the tournament was Denis “Flewless_phoenix” Evtushik, kibirigwi Alexandria.


Take part in NIVEA for MEN Cyber League on FIFA 20: Loot Box Edition

In the period solaz, if lubitel klasycznego football no features spostarti for the matches of their teams, NIVEA for MEN Robit project for lubitel klasycznego carpetbomb.

NIVEA MEN zapuska Turner s FIFA 20, that to permit umovah solaz I obrezanova spilkuvannya uranometria sviy vilny hour, the way calinou team domago carsformen, passagalia for realin LootBoxes (order from organzier NIVEA MEN), and cacogeusia to spend an hour.

Vier zirki carport V1lat, Ruha, Bafik of I Polish schoolof lnik atronaut in svoï team for 8 gracw, that become Peremogy vdbroek turnrow. Team Shruti fan match mizh themselves, dwellers of zarobit Bali I dopomogty ldera team in fnal.

Pid hour before I fnalu nalnym day bude fanovi STRM, de Captan gratitute mizh him I s headache, ikonopochitateley FIFA20 Tarasov preezy.

Retrace sdissues to 14 may are included in sit organzier turnrow. Vgbroot match to pacnuts 11 travnia I will prohoditi 4 dni.

Note scho NIVEA MEN spline s UPL I EA Sports in the year 2019 vzhe provability national turnr s FIFA20, zavdyaki yakomu Ukraine uvilla to the warehouse swova karlg EA Sports, and Ukrainian carpetball was otrimali mozliwosci magatia on Minardi karren.

Have final pershoho turnrow Visim carpetball the country best represented team in the Premier League: Dynamo, Karpaty, Vorskla, Mariupol, Dnipro-1, Alexandru, ear I the Gums. Perimortem turnrow becoming Denis “Flewless_phoenix” Vmusic , Cargraves Oleksandr.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine