Photo: During the arrest, the girl’s injured nose

Canadian police held the detention of the girls, which costume from Star wars with a toy gun in hand, walked down the street and advertised the institution.

Police in the canadian city of Lethbridge had a tough detention girl, dressed in a suit of Imperial stormtrooper from the fantastic Star wars Saga, and with a toy Blaster in his hands, writes NBC News.

Someone called the police and reported that the street walks a man with a gun. The guards immediately reacted.

Arrived on the scene, the police began to demand from “stormtrooper” to drop the weapon. 19-year-old cosplayer has done this. Then the officers demanded to lie on the ground, but the girl said that because of the suit to not do it.

Eventually the police used force. The canadian was injured nose.

Understanding, the girl was released. Law enforcement authorities acknowledged that the Blaster was a toy.

As previously reported, the secret of Waititi rejisserom new Star wars.

Also wrote that the police took a fighting on the street of Tallinn birds.

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