Photo: the couple said, allegedly did not know that we need permission to import weapons

The couple from Germany tried to get Sweden on the formidable plastered with stickers Hummer. Customs officers became interested in the couple and inside the car found a lot of weapons.

The Swedish customs service was stopped at the border a couple from Germany. The husband and wife who tried to enter Sweden on the ferry, there was a considerable quantity of arms, and on your Hummer SUV they attached a sticker that says zombie Hunters, says the LAD Bible.

In the car the customs officers found another sticker – All infected people will be shot. Also on the roof of the car there was a poster with the words Rocket launcher.

Hummer spouses. Photo:

The couple was carrying a whole Arsenal. So in the car were pistols, rifles, crossbows, slingshot, gas cylinders, tear gas, percussion device.

A man and a woman were arrested because they tried without permission to import weapons. The Germans claimed that their weapons are decorative and use it they were not going.

Part of the Arsenal of the Germans. Photo:

Also the husband and wife said they did not know that importation of these items into the country a permit is required.

Earlier we wrote that in the United States started the production of the new model Javelin.

As previously stated, the border guards collected “tribute” for crossing the border during the quarantine. Bribery occurred in the international checkpoint man. Shift takers receive up to 50 thousand hryvnia.

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