Waist girl looks so thin that netizens ask “where are her internal organs”.

English, changed the skin color using illegal injection shocking network of unrealistic thinness. For an account of the girls drew the attention of the newspaper the Sun.

A resident English 23-year-old Hannah Tittensor became popular after appearing on British TV show This Morning. The girl said that loves tanned skin, but tanning was given a temporary effect.

Then Tittensor resorted to an injection treatment that stimulates “Browning” of the skin. In the UK these injections are illegal.

Now “colored” British shocking of Internet users in the unnatural thinness. She often poses in revealing costumes, showing almost naked body.

Users have questioned the naturalness so thin waist, accusing the girl of using photoshop. Others ask, where are her internal organs. Haters say that the girl looks terrifying.

Previously, the supermodel Elsa Hosk was suspected of anorexia. Also the Correspondent wrote that the daughter Zavorotnyuk shocked unhealthy thinness.

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