The defense Ministry reported on the progress re the latest “Putin” weapons

Hypersonic “the Dagger” is already on duty over the Caspian warhead “avant-garde” is preparing for mass production

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The Russian defense Ministry on Thursday told about how the army is rearming on unique samples of weapons and military equipment, which told the world the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly on March 1 of this year. The Ministry of defense indicates that a new weapon is long gone from the stage of “searchlights” will very soon become the basis of the combat power of the Russian army and protect the country from any aggressor.


This is evidenced, for example, a message about the doctrine which held the crews of high-altitude interceptor MiG-31 in conjunction with long-range bombers Tu-22M3. Difference the exercises have become a large-scale application of hypersonic missiles “Dagger”. The crews learned to find and sink enemy ships.

Missile-aircraft systems and MiG-31K with hypersonic missiles “Dagger”, accelerates to a speed 10 times the speed of sound, are already on duty. Aircraft on duty to have performed more than 350 flights with “Daggers”, including more than 70 refueling aircraft fuel in the air. The flights are carried out above the waters of the Caspian sea. Hence, high-speed fighters MiG-31K is capable of for a few minutes to deliver the “Daggers” to the goals in the Black and Mediterranean seas.

Are actively working on another one of the newest means of armed struggle, which has no army in the world. A cruise missile unlimited range, “Petrel”, which was launched after the US withdrawal in December 2001 from the ABM Treaty of 1972. This was our response to the creation of the global missile defense system. Low-flying stealth “Burevestnik” with a nuclear warhead and with virtually unlimited range flying an unpredictable path. He can bypass the media air and missile defense of the enemy and is invulnerable.

Tests of the missile told researcher of the 12th Central research Institute of the defense Ministry Sergei Peppers. He said that the tests confirmed the correctness of basic technical solutions and to obtain valuable experimental information needed to clarify a number of requirements to the product and the complex as a whole.

Conducted ground tests of elements of the missile. Preparations for flight tests of experimental samples of cruise missiles, improved design.

All this will go to the creation of a fundamentally new type of weapons – strategic nuclear weapons complex with a missile equipped with a nuclear power plant.

The defense Ministry also told about the work on planning winged warheads strategic missiles “avant-garde”. Development of the complex is completed. The industry started its serial production. Planning a cruise warhead flying at a height of several tens of kilometers in the dense layers of the atmosphere. This new combat unit is different from the traditional warhead Intercontinental ballistic missiles. They fly to the target on a ballistic trajectory, which is easily calculated with modern means of interception. Avangard is flying at Intercontinental range with hypersonic speed exceeding the speed of sound more than 20 times. Block moving horizontally (several thousand kilometers) and tall. It makes him unpredictable trajectory for missile defense. Besides, it can bypass the zone of validity of their information and firepower potential enemy.

The defense Ministry says that the trajectory planning block is below the minimum altitude of interception natmosphere firepower ABOUT. The interception of missiles in the middle of the action is also unlikely. They will not have time to put on a high-speed maneuvering target.

Deputy commander of RVSN on arms the General-major Sergey Poroskun noted that Avangard “has combat capabilities, allowing for a guaranteed breakthrough for any missile defence capabilities”. “Cruise planning unit of the missile complex “Avangard” is able to fly at hypersonic speed and make a controlled maneuvers like side and height, which ensures its immunity”, – said the General.

In the Orenburg region is preparing for the adoption of a rocket complex “vanguard” in Commission. Construction of new facilities and rekonstruiruet old.

Well the military and in the works to deploy missile complex stationary silo-based missiles “Sarmat”. Russian strategic missile system of the fifth generation silo-based missiles “Sarmat” was established to replace the troops ICBM R-36M “Voevoda”. Power warheads – 800 kilotons. Throw-weight of ten tons. It is planned that the complex “Sarmat” will be adopted in 2020.

Combat and operational characteristics, it is unique in the world. “Sarmat” weighing more than 200 tons will replace the old RS-20 rocket, which still terrifies the foe. Not casually in the West, the RS-20 was named “Satan.” “Sarmat” will be even steeper. Chairman of the military scientific Committee of the strategic missile forces Colonel Artem Vyatkin said that the program of throwing missiles test. Confirmed the validity of adopted structural solutions, the technology of preparation of the rocket for launch. On stage – flight test of the “Sarmatian”. The new missile can carry warheads of small, medium, high or large power classes.

According to the military, to re – “Sarmat” will significantly strengthen the grouping of the strategic missile forces and give it a new qualitative properties to solve the tasks of nuclear deterrence and ensure the security of Russia.