In Russia started serial production of the hypersonic series “vanguard”

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The defense Ministry has completed the development of missile complex “Avangard” planning winged warheads. The war Department first published a video that demonstrated a rocket launch.

Photo: a frame from the video

Also in the form of computer graphics the video shows how a warhead able to avoid missile defense system.

“Cruise planning unit of the missile complex “Avangard” is able to fly at hypersonic speed and make a controlled maneuver, either lateral or height, which ensures its invulnerability,” — said the Deputy commander of RVSN on arms the General-major Sergey Poroskun.

The defense Ministry stressed that the Russian Federation continues to implement projects designed to strengthen the defenses of the state. The new strategic weapons systems aimed at preventing any aggressive action against the country and its allies.

During the annual address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has presented samples of the latest Russian weapons: complex “Dagger”, “Sarmatian”, “vanguard”, an underwater drone and a missile with a nuclear power plant.

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The defense Ministry reported on the progress re the latest “Putin” weapons