Photo: still from video of Fire tornado filmed during a fire

He picked up the smoke from the fire and brought it to a height of 8 kilometers. Filmed video was on US soil.

In the United States in Blythe took video of the fire tornado, which made the smoke from the fire to a height of eight kilometers. The video was published on YouTube channel of Chris Macie.

Tornado took video of a pair of eyewitnesses, who was nearby in his own car.

The video shows how a tornado is formed initially on the banks of the Colorado river, above the fire area. He later moves to the water, and turns into a water vortex.

Fire tornadoes are formed over the areas affected by fires. The temperature inside the vortex can reach up to 1100 degrees Celsius. However, this phenomenon is very short, usually only a few minutes.

Earlier it was reported that the spectacular fire tornado filmed in Portugal during a forest fire.

It was also reported that in the United States took video of apocalyptic wall of dust raised by the storm.

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