Photo: Space Perspective

Dvuhsotmetrovy balloon filled with hydrogen will rise to the height of 30-40 km.

The American company Space Perspective announced that in early 2021 will begin test flights of the tourist spaceship Spaceship Neptune. It is a giant balloon with special capsule. Dvuhsotmetrovy balloon filled with hydrogen will rise within 6 hours to a height of 30-40 kilometers along a rugged capsule designed for 8 passengers and the pilot. And the conditions inside the capsule do not go to any comparison with existing spacecraft: there will be a bar, bathroom and huge panoramic Windows, through which passengers can enjoy views of the Earth, writes

Tickets to Neptune, its creators do not sell, but offered to join the queue and call the indicative price of 125 thousand dollars. A considerable sum of money, but it is approximately twice less than have to pay for flight on a suborbital space plane SpaceShipTwo company Virgin Galactic, which is expected, will soon begin commercial operation.

The company has already identified the dates of the first test flights with the research payloads for 2021. And the first flight with passengers is expected over the next three and a half years.