The way was found in the experiment, the specialists of the National laboratory at Boston University.

Such a quick way to destroy coronavirus infection was identified by scientists of the National laboratory of infectious diseases (NIEDL) Boston University, USA, writes

American researchers found a way to destroy kovida just 25 seconds – this turned out to be, can be achieved using UV radiation by the special lamps.

Scientists experimenting, acting on the pre-treated material coronaviruses different doses of ultraviolet radiation lamps. They found that a certain dosage of ultraviolet light contributes to a very rapid destruction of coronavirus infection.

“At a concentration of 5 millijoules per square centimeter the spread of the coronavirus is reduced by 99% over 6 seconds. At 22 millijoule per square centimeter the virus is destroyed almost completely in 25 seconds,” said the authors of the project.

Prior to this, scientists of the Ministry of internal security of the United States checked, what is the effect on SARS-CoV-2 sunlight. The result was the conclusion that he is a powerful destroyer of viral particles, infection which causes COVID-19. The researchers said that “sunlight greatly reduces transmission of the virus through objects in direct sunlight. In conventional noon on the fortieth degrees of North latitude it is almost completely deactivated in 15 minutes even in a favorable environment”.