In the depths of Jupiter’s moon be hiding water.

Scientists say that Jupiter’s moon called Europe can be a life based on solar fusion, not chemical reactions. Recent computer simulations showed an increasing probability that the ocean satellite of the planet contains life, writes

Experts from NASA suggest that in the frozen part of Europe, where the surface always has a temperature below minus 140°C, inside the ocean there is warmed by radioactive decay. Europa’s ocean is the most promising place to look for other life in the Universe.

Goldschmidt-2020 – famous conference of scientists, which recently have suggested that ocean water is saturated with chloride. This component is found on the surface of Europe, thanks to the Hubble telescope. Likely, the item was there after the eruption of geysers.

Consequently, the ocean contains carbon dioxide in a high concentration, and calcium and sulfates. Now Europe is the title of most suitable option for the presence of extraterrestrial existence throughout the Solar system. NASA is working to launch to Jupiter’s moon Europa Clipper – a special probe, which will allow to study in detail the habitability of the subsurface of Europe.