Yurov: I Want to feed the illusion that in Russia there is a healthy force that is measured in tens of thousands of people

Photo: depositphotos.com

In an interview with “GORDON” Russian banker, who emigrated to the UK from prosecution in cases of the former President of YUKOS oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Ilya Yurov said that the citizens of Russia, regardless of what is happening in the country event, demonstrating quiet humility.

“Until 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Russia, until there began the attempts to imprison me. Each time, returning to London, I shared with my friends the English with what I saw. Said, it’s a horror, people live worse and worse, unleashed a terrible war, disgusting events happen. My English friends listened politely, nodded his head, but emotionally I catch them failed. At some point I asked: you don’t believe me? No, they say, we can see that it bothers you and does not exclude the possibility that things really as you say. But we don’t see media reports on mass protests in Russia. I explained why they consider this criterion? One of them answered: “I don’t really care what happens in politics, as conservatives struggle with the labour, while it does not affect my personal life. If the events worsen my situation, I earn less, my children will worsen the prospects, I will come out and will Express their disagreement. And if in Russia it is not, people are apparently happy with everything,” said Yurov.

According to him, he sees no opportunities for change in Russia.

“And I understand the difference in mentality. For example, Israel is all out on the street, when the tax is increased by a hundredth of a percent. And in Russia, whatever happens, is a quiet humility. I like to nourish the illusion that within the country there is a healthy force that is measured in tens of thousands of people. But I still don’t see the possibility of change on the inside. And more important, more valuable than those actions that can influence the change of the regime from the outside,” said Yurov.

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