The average test them more than 6 thousand per day.

“According to a new study, the average person has more than 6 thousand thoughts in one day. Researchers have developed a new method that accurately determines the start and end of thought, allowing them to calculate how many thoughts occur in our head a day, reports the Daily Mail (translation

Is able to do this by highlighting certain moments when a person focuses on one idea, which scientists call a “thought worm.” Scientists also note that the estimate of the number of thoughts a person can predict aspects of their personality.

Dr. Jordan Poppink, who heads the Department of canadian studies in Cognitive Neuroscience, said: “what we call mental worms – a related point in a simplified view of patterns of activity in the brain. At any given time the brain is in different positions in the “space of States”. When a person moves to a new idea, it creates a new mental worm, which we can detect with our methods.”

“(…) Scientists believe that “(…) the emergence of a new thought of the worm corresponds to the transition to a new thought”. Estimated Poppenga and his team, the average person has approximately 6 200 thoughts per day that was defined at the time when the subjects watched the films,” the article says.

“During each film 184 participants watched 3 or 4 of the clip with 20-second periods of pause and validation clip with duration 84 seconds, repeated at the end of each cycle. In that time, while the subjects watched, the team of scientists conducted functional magnetic resonance imaging for each participant – this method measures the brain activity by observing changes of blood flow”, – reported in the publication.

“A new method aimed at determining when people think about certain things and not on what they think. Transitions thoughts remained elusive throughout the history of research thinking, which often depended on what volunteers described their own thoughts, a method that can be unreliable, notoriously,” said Dr. Poppink.

“The ability to set the beginning of new thoughts gives us the opportunity to look into the “black box” of the mind at rest is to investigate the time and pace of thoughts when people just dream about dinner and stays to himself in other aspects.”