It dulls saw blades and knives.

A team of British researchers from Durham University and the German Fraunhofer Institute have developed the world’s first artificial material that cannot be cut. The material is called “Proteus” (in honor of the son of Poseidon), when you try sawing it creates vibration waves which blunt drills, knives, grinding discs and other tools for metal work. According to scientists, with the application of the “Proteus” can do safes, locks and light armor, the magazine writes “the Knife”.

As reported by New Scientist, the material features can be attributed to its internal structure: it consists of aluminum honeycomb, which is located inside a ceramic sphere. Thus, the cutting tool can cut open the outer layer of material, but when it reaches metallic spheres — will begin to collapse: ceramic elements from exposure to broken into small fragments, becomes even harder and work as a very durable sandpaper — so “Proteus” does not cut.

According to the creators, for the invention was inspired by the grapefruit and the shells of mollusks — they have a similar structure. It is noted that the material resists water and torches.

Scientists have already applied for a patent and are looking for partners who will Finance the production.