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The woman retired at the age of 81 years, and became the champion in swimming among the elderly.

Professor of Harvard, 104-year-old Ruth Kundsin shared their secret of longevity. Her story tells Metro.

Ruth Kundsin was born in new York in 1916. She received a master’s degree of Microbiology in Boston and took a doctorate at Harvard. She also became one of the first women professors at Harvard.

As a practicing physician-epidemiologist, a woman retired in 81. After retiring from work, Kundsin started to do sports and even became the champion in swimming among age people.

At the age of 93 years, she began to train in the gym. Yesterday, 28 July, Kundsin celebrated 104-year anniversary and decided to stop exercising, thinking that it’s too weak for this.

At the same time, long believes that sports and “social aspects” helped her live so long.

Earlier it was reported that 95-year-old Brit, named sex the key to longevity. The Reporter also wrote that a woman at 122 years disclosed his secret of longevity.

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