We all want to use not only high-quality but also effective cosmetics. To prevent harm and useful components contained in the right amount. But skincare products are many, many. What manufacturers do not write on the labels. Natural, organic, environmentally friendly, bio cosmetics, vegan. Not always these inscriptions are true. A few years ago, we did not suspect the existence of cosmetics with prefix organic. Today, their effectiveness and safety are proven worldwide.

Today, the term “organic cosmetics” is gaining unprecedented popularity – cosmetics that are completely or mostly composed of herbal ingredients. Such cosmetic products meet strictly established international criteria: contains at least 95% of herbal ingredients; obtained from environmentally friendly raw materials; not tested on animals; does not contain petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, SLS, synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives.

Here are some more arguments in favor of eco-cosmetics:

1. Safety

Certified organic cosmetics contain only natural ingredients that do not violate the natural biological processes in the body, do not accumulate in the tissues, do not provoke allergies and various skin diseases. This means that everyone can use such cosmetics, regardless of skin type, age, and gender. Some manufacturers have lines of eco-cosmetics, even for babies from the first days of life. Our products Natura Siberica store meet European quality standards for organic cosmetics, which is confirmed by numerous prestigious certificates (ICEA, ECOCERT, COSMOS STANDARD, BDIH).

Modern formulas with the highest content of plant components. The purity of the formula is guaranteed by the European certificate of ECO BIO cosmetics ICEA. At least 95% of the ingredients are of plant origin. We use certified organic extracts and oils. Free of petrochemical products, silicones, parabens, artificial colors.

2. Efficiency

In bio-cosmetics, the active ingredients are contained in an amount that is several times more than in other cosmetic products. This allows you to achieve maximum effect in the shortest possible time. Also, the components based on which organic cosmetics were created were used to care for skin, hair, and nails for centuries long before the invention of chemically synthesized substances.

3. No addictive effect

Organic cosmetics activate their regenerative potential of body cells, so the result of its action is stored for a long time. This helps to avoid the need for a many of additional funds.

Today, organic cosmetics are popular in Europe, America, and Russia. Her choice is very wide, and this applies both to skincare products, hair, nails, and the oral cavity, as well as decorative cosmetics.

Acquiring eco-cosmetics is best in our store. Below you will find out why we are. We have presented more than 100 lines of organic cosmetics that meet the highest quality standards, confirmed by international certificates from the best manufacturers in Europe and Russia. Also here, in the only off-line store in Siberia and the Far East, beauties will be able to appreciate the huge selection of decorative bio-cosmetics with 100% content of natural ingredients. Today, Natura Siberica creates cosmetics that combine all the strength and power of Siberian plants and the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology to preserve the youth and beauty of your skin and hair for a long time.

And now a little about NATURA SIBERICA:

The first Russian manufacturer to receive an organic mark from the Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification of Italy (ICEA) produces products with plant extracts from Siberia and the Far East. And the price of these cosmetics is often comparable to the cost of a cup of coffee.