Information obtained by satellites, seriously puzzled scientists.

Scientists said that the Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken. Anomaly is observed for over 200 years. Over this period of time lost about 9% of the force across the planet, writes

Data were obtained through the ESA Swarm satellites. The observed anomaly seriously puzzled scientists. Especially frightening is the fact that it causes failures in the near-earth spacecraft.

The most critical losses in the area from Africa to South America. As explained by scientists, the earth’s magnetic field is vital for the Earth. It protects mankind from charged particles from the Sun and cosmic radiation. As is known, the magnetic field is not stable. Several times in the history of the planet the North and South poles even changed because of this sometimes.

Over the past two centuries the Earth has lost about 9% of the magnetic field. The area between South America and Africa specialists designated as the South Atlantic anomaly. Over the last 50 years the intensity of the magnetic field in this area decreased from 24 000 to 22 000 nanotesla. The area of the anomalous region all this time has expanded.

New studies indicate that the South-West of this zone there is another anomaly that does not fit the generally accepted theory of formation of Earth’s magnetic field. Scientists say that the theme was more complex than previously thought and requires further research.