Today all the important things it is advisable to start at 10am. Until that time, a single Moon will not notice your work and actions will not produce the desired result.

After 10 am will best develop partnerships – personal and business. Today we are ready not only to compromise, it is better to hear and understand each other, but also to strengthen the relationship. Mostly it is for non-romantic relationships, and work. It is best to focus efforts on the achievement of a specific goal or to conduct business negotiations from 11 to 15 hours.

Emotional sphere is unstable now. We can be in illusions. So do not go on about feelings and desires – they predispose us to delusion and may be accompanied by painful experiences. It’s not the best time for purchases related to beauty and art possible disappointment.

Other events may read very intense and Very relaxed may: the astrologer has revealed the main trends of the month

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