Photo: Cameron Crook, Jens Bauer/UCI

Harder than diamond.

A group of researchers from the USA presented one of the most solid materials ever created by scientists. Opening plan to use in the airline industry, reports “New time”.

The most durable material of natural origin is the stone-diamond in the cut version called diamond.

Yes, in the laboratory, scientists have developed and stronger materials, like various alloys of titanium, some chemical compounds of silicon and most durable material known today — graphene (excluding plastic pieces of Lego, of course).

However, graphene is not yet widespread in the industry because of the peculiarities of the creation of this crystal structure in the form of triangular lattices based on a single layer of carbon atoms.

Recently scientists from the U.S. published a study according to which they managed to develop the material much harder than diamond, and which can be used in the aircraft industry.

As in the case of graphene, the structure of this material consists of carbon nanoresearch, but its creators claim that they managed to achieve one of the highest ratios of strength to density, which is ever stated in any other materials.