Ukrainian volunteer and blogger Natalia Yusupova reminded the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his constituents some of his campaign promises, which he still has not fulfilled.

She wrote about this on his page on Facebook, noting that the salary of the people remains the same, and even teachers are often detained, not imprisoned, no corrupt, in addition to this, the war in Donbas is not over.

“Who is it prevents your misrepresent to fulfill their promises? Again Parkaboy? No, guys, they are hampered by a complete lack of conscience, you just cheated, and we told you, and you’ve called us. Here is the result. Zdobuli, Tanna! The salary of the people as was and is, and teachers are often delayed, none of the corrupt are not planted. The war is not over, each day wounded. The worst is to come,” said she.

She also did not understand why Ukrainians are protesting against quarantine, if half of them last year voted for Zelensky and his team.

Protests against quarantine in Kiev


“The majority of those who today loudly resents the action of the authorities regarding quarantine, voted for ze team and restaurant business including. Understand that people remained without work at a time when some, who like all had to be closed, work. I’m not gloating, too, live in this country. But each of you feels that this resentment, misunderstanding and injustice. Eat vidosic, instead of money,” she said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, according to former Ukrainian diplomat Dmitry Chekalkin, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky “brings bad luck” and to some extent brings misfortune.

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