US East coast is in the grip of record cold. Before the cyclone large areas of the coast was abundant snowfall, even hitting Florida in the South.

A worker cleans the snow from the road at the new York stock exchange during a snowstorm on 4 January 2018. Photo: Reuters

In some areas of the United States and Canada, as expected, the temperature can drop to -29 degrees, according to the national weather service.

In the canadian province of Nova Scotia because of the strong wind left without electricity tens of thousands of people.

Huge storm waves partly was flooded and some areas of the coast of New England (U.S. region which includes the States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, new Hampshire, Rhode island and Vermont).

Extreme weather was the cause of death of 19 people in the US and two in Canada.

The province of Nova Scotia, Canada, 5 January 2018. Photo: Reuters

Death was registered in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Texas . Most fatal cases were the result of car accidents and extreme cold.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the temperature in the coming days will continue to decline due to cold Arctic air headed toward the Atlantic coast of the United States.

The national weather service said: “due to the arrival of the Arctic air average temperatures in the northeast United States will be below the normal threshold of 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe in some places will be beaten temperature records”.

According to experts, the so-called “cyclone bomb” was formed and gained its power in the Caribbean.

Friday was cancelled 1,200 flights, whereas before the figure was 4000.

Man removes snow along wall street during a snowstorm in new York, January 4, 2018. Photo: Reuters

Police Indiana jokingly issued a warrant for the arrest of the main character in the disney cartoon “the Cold heart”. Queen Elsa is wanted for ongoing disturbance to others, according to a press release from the police Department.

Massive power outage in Canada

On the Atlantic coast of Canada and the Central part was hit by heavy snow storm.

In the provinces of new Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador declared a storm warning, and a warning of heavy snowfall.

Power company Nova Scotia Power announced that the province of Nova Scotia because of the strong wind which speed reached 140 km/hour, approximately 125 thousand customers were left without electricity.

About the shortages of electricity also reported in the provinces of new Brunswick and Newfoundland.

A woman digs out her car after a winter snow storm in Boston, USA, 5 January 2018. Photo: Reuters

In Ontario and Quebec announced a warning due to abnormal cold weather.

In Quebec are also preparing for the snowfall, gusty wind and storm surges.

In Massachusetts dropped more than 30 cm of snow.

Located in the Bay of Boston tide gauge, which is used to measure the sea level fluctuations, recorded a record — an increase of 4 m 60 cm, This result was recorded there only once — during snowfall in 1978.

As a result, flooding in Boston has suffered Primorsky quarter and subway station. Mayor Marty Walsh laid the responsibility for what is happening in global warming.

“If someone wants to cast doubt on global warming, look where the zones of flooding”, he said.

Boston, USA, 4 January 2018. Photo: Reuters

Energy companies on the East coast of the USA and Canada in case of problems with heating and suggest the residents to leave their homes and take refuge elsewhere.

Because of the storm were closed hundreds of schools and businesses in new York, Philadelphia, Boston, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

The new Yorkers are in a panic began to sweep the shelves of milk, eggs, cabbage before the arrival of the storm, reported the New York Times.

Snow fell in the southern United States in Florida, where the cold iguanas began to freeze and fall from the trees, losing his grip.