On the portal of the Ministry of defence the United States emerged recording support Russian fighters in the skies over the Baltic. The aircraft did not give the dispatchers the required signals and did not provide a flight plan.

The SU-30. Photo: wikipedia.org

The U.S. Department of defense has published a video support American planes Russian su-30. The video length is 3.5 minutes was edited from recordings made on 23 November and 13 December 2017 in the framework of the NATO mission to patrol the airspace of the Baltic States, according to the specialized portal of the Pentagon on 5 January.

Escort of Russian fighter planes carried troops of the 43rd fighter squadron of the 48th fighter wing, flying from an air base in British Laciniate.

Great link to a previously unreleased @48FighterWing #F15C intercept imagery during Baltic Air Policing #AlliedStrong @US_EUCOM @USEmbVilnius https://t .co/JvHrIusddh


The reason is that Russian planes have not filed dispatchers the necessary control signals, and also failed to provide a flight plan.

This kind of support is a “normal phenomenon,” the air force of the United States carried out such operations “professionally and without security risks”, noted in the Ministry of defence of the United States.

Defense Ministry: Russian su-30 did not violate the border

Meanwhile, the press service of the defense Ministry issued a statement which said that the crews of Russian su-30SM 23 November and 13 December performed routine training flights over the Baltic sea and did not violate the borders of other States.

“The flight of Russian fighter jets was agreed with the organs of air traffic control and was carried out in strict accordance with international rules of airspace, without violating borders of other States”, — quotes RIA “news” the message of the Ministry of defence.

It is noted that during the flight, NATO aircraft F-15 approached the su-30 at a safe distance, “and then he changed course and retired.”

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