The animal climbed into the truck to visiting neighbors and were on the other side of the country. To return the pet home, helped by volunteers.

In Australia, the cat made a “journey” over a distance of 1200 miles from home. This is the website of UPI.

The loss of a pet is noticed by his owner, a resident of the Australian town of Longreach – GA Uipp. The woman reported that on may 29, her neighbors moved in and put their bags in the truck.

When her cat did not appear for Breakfast the next morning, the Australian thought that the animal would climb into the car. Mistress of cats called the shipping company, who committed the carriage, and learned that her cat really noticed on arrival in Brisbane. The city is located about 1200 miles from home animal.

The cat caught the next day in the local depot when her alarm went off. Uipp asked for help with delivery to pet’s home network. The publication said the President of the SPCA of Central Quintana in Rockhampton Vines Batley. He helped find volunteers, brought the cat home.

Earlier it was reported that the missing cat had overcome 420 km in 79 days. Also the Correspondent wrote that in the US the cat returned home two years later.

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