The woman gained extra pounds because of health problems and dumped them during the quarantine.

Seventy-year-old model and actress Morgan Fairchild, who shared her secret to weight loss is quarantined. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Popular previously, the star admitted that due to health problems, she gained weight. When did the quarantine and Fairchild had all the time to stay home, she decided to shape up.

The actress noted that he had discovered keto diet. It is the diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein has helped her to lose 13 pounds.

The former model said that she was not completely abandoned carbs. In the morning, she eats oatmeal, and then drink a lot of salads.

Fairchild also noted that “the began to lose weight like crazy” thanks to discipline. The star prefers to order diet on a day to save time.

Earlier it was reported that looking for 20 years “grandma” surprised the network. Also the Correspondent wrote that the youthful 53-year-old woman revealed the secret.

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