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Well, the easiest profit is that “dual citizens”, which presented a Hungarian passport and is recognized for their definitely will vote for neonationalists, and it’s a couple million votes plus. Here’s something to think about. In total, Orban, like Hitler or Putin, actively exploit historical themes in order to obtain or to keep their own political positions.

That is, it is just speculation, after all, go back several million of those who gave a passport to the land “promised”, then Hungary would lay the whole of its economy through the floor. That is, the politician found something to catch redneck and ended up in the profit. In General, this is already possible, it would be subject to close, but once there exploit history, we recall two small but important historical point, which should be know to the Orban and those to whom Imperial memories tight buttocks.


As for the historical background of these events, we’ll just send everyone to the extensive memoirs of the chief of the General staff of the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by the field Marshal, Conrad von Hetzendorf. We have at least twice referred to this figure, but just try again. Field Marshal directly and in detail described how Hungary, a part of the Empire, sabotaged almost all of the defense program of the United army torpedoed the main program and generally kept quite incomprehensible to him destructive policy.

In his memoirs, he points to the fact that, along with the rest of the problems Hungary has always played a destructive role in the field of defense programs and is not changed even when the chief of staff personally and through relevant Ministers brought to the country’s leadership, the inevitability of the impending great war in Europe. Moreover, the Austrians with their usual thoroughness, Conrad von Hetzendorf showed how the Austro-Hungarian army lagged behind other major European players in the field of armaments and military industry. The result of his conclusions was the statement that put all the pros and cons, the final gap from the nearest European countries, which inevitably will be drawn into war, is at least five years.

But even this and the fact that by all indications, the war became inevitable, not canceled openly sabotage policy of Hungary. That is, according to the professional judgment of the chief of the General staff of the Austro-Hungarian army could close the gap in terms of preparedness for war, as from allies and opponents, and therefore in the second phase of the war, when the army was over predictable resources, it would not completely rely on the German army, and decomposed at the ending of the war could be completely different.

In General, the field Marshal laid a large part of the blame for the defeat, and hence – and the consequences of this humiliating defeat on Hungary. This is to ensure that Orban wonder meditates on the end of the Second World war.

Well, once he actively appeals to history, just recall that Hungary entered the Second World war on Germany’s side, but because the Orbán would cost to sit straight and not to swing, that he did not remember the whole story, not just the part that he shamelessly exploits. But that’s not all.

In his memoirs, chief of staff of the Wehrmacht Franz Halder is very interesting describes the situation before the invasion of the Wehrmacht on the territory of the scoop. Hitler was initiated into the plans of Mussolini, in addition, plans were dedicated to the ruler of Romania, Marshal Antonescu. Moreover, for the interaction of the Romanian army army group “South”, on the territory of Romania was moved to the headquarters of the 6th army, which cooperated with the Romanian troops.

In General, when was the date of the invasion, learned of Mussolini and Antonescu, but the ruler Horthy’s Hungary no one in the course of the case did not put because the Germans knew that the role of Hungary in the First World war and frankly the Hungarians did not trust. Just think about it, even Hitler didn’t trust them! And this despite the fact that Hungary was officially an ally of the Reich.

That’s the story really, and this story Orban now cook your soup, however the recipe of the chef by the name of Putin.

So there is nothing surprising, as there is no sense to be nervous. You just have to understand what we (Ukraine and not only Ukraine) dealing with.

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