Horoscope on 7 June 2020 at the Tarot cards for all Zodiac signs says that it will be full bodied and emotionally bright day that will bring you lots of pleasure and lots of fun.

OBOZREVATEL offers to study the detailed forecast for Sunday for each sign of the Zodiac. Horoscope Tarot made on the basis of the deck “Tarot of Dreams” by the Italian artist Ciro Marchetti.

Note, June 7, Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Trinity Day (Pentecost). Therefore, each sign of the Zodiac is to devote time to their loved ones, as well as to clear away all dark thoughts.


ARIES Eight of wands

Horoscope for June 7 for Aries says that this is not the most favorable output for Aries, who will have to deal with negative rumors about yourself. It is important to find the source and stop this from happening, because gossip can destroy your career prospects and personal life.

TAURUS three of cups

Greet the coming day, for he is full of gifts. Enjoy life and fullness of being, and don’t forget to be grateful for what she gave you. It would be best to share this joy with your loved ones and friends.


Gemini June 7, this card symbolizes victory over your weaknesses. You will no longer be a slave to their fleeting desires and passions, not going to chase ghosts and have inner balance.


The hanged man is one of the most mysterious and rich in associations of the cards. Energy, which indicates this card can relate to the extremes. Sometimes we sacrifice ourselves due to guilt, in other words, the imaging of a Martyr. In another time, unable to swim against the current. You should make a choice and decide to go to meet his fate.

LEO Knight of wands

Horoscope for Sunday suggests that your temperament will have an effect, and you want “everything at once”, or else you will find yourself in a situation where passions are running high. The main thing is not to build far-reaching plans. If your emotions demand release, pick them suitable for the stage.

VIRGO the Moon

Horoscope for Virgos for tomorrow warns them about the onset of a difficult period in life. Animals that are depicted on the map represent two different attitudes to the subconscious. Your life has no clearly defined goals and objectives, but soon it will change abruptly.

LIBRA King of cups

You must learn to manage their feelings and give them the will. Do not hide emotions. If you will have a clear goal, you will soon ensure that emotions and rich fantasy only help you achieve it.

SCORPIO Seven denarii

Scorpios need to wait for the right moment before starting to act. Often, his choice may very much affect the result of our efforts. The card also indicates that you have grown now can grow by itself, without requiring your constant attention.

SAGITTARIUS Four of swords

Sleep, or meditate, or go for a walk, or indulge in memories do to give your mind a rest from holding you.

CAPRICORN Knight of swords

You should completely focus on your goal that nothing you do not distract, as a Knight trying to defeat gravity (that is, the inertia with which we all struggle) pure force of will.

AQUARIUS Nine denarii

The map indicates that you have succeeded in creating an environment in which you really like. You’ve worked hard and have earned the right to enjoy the result of their hard work.

PISCES Justice

Justice is one of those cards, the name of which is also a good description of the values. Honesty, equality and justice become the prevailing principles that you live your life.

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