Photo: Over the story the writer worked from 1936 to 1956

Edition of the New Yorker has published a previously unknown short story by Ernest Hemingway about the hunt for a big Marlin. The manuscript was discovered by accident, and the name was invented by the son of the author.

A previously unknown short story by American writer Ernest Hemingway was published by the New Yorker magazine. The manuscript accidentally obnarujil in the library and Museum of John F. Kennedy in Boston, the writer’s grandson, Sean Hemingway, the newspaper reports.

The main character named Ernest Hemingway, who with his friends tries to catch a huge Marlin.

The story is called the Chase, as the happiness (Pursuit As Happiness). The plot is somewhat similar to the famous story of the author of the old man and the sea, which was published in 1952.

According to the author’s son, is one of the few stories of Hemingway, who was unpublished. Sean Hemingway suggested that the writer worked on the story from 1936 to 1956.

The manuscript has no name, so it chose the writer’s son Patrick. Sean Hemingway believes that a good name because the product is said not so much about fishing, but about how much it brings pleasure and joy.

As we wrote earlier, in the United States published the unknown story of Ernest Hemingway on the history of the soldier, weary from the Second world war.

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