Photo: Hairstyles for Halloween 2018: original ideas and images

Pagan holiday Halloween is traditionally celebrated in Ukraine. Carefully prepared: select the colorful costumes, come up with makeup, manicure and hairstyle.

How to make a stylish hairstyle for Halloween interested in the fair sex. Stylists believe the next hairstyle for Halloween depends on what image will be used. But there are some universal hairstyles that can be matched with any suit. picked up an interesting hairstyle for Halloween with their hands.

Hairstyles for long hair

Look for a holiday extraordinary to each girl, so in advance know what hairstyle to do for Halloween. Beautiful styling easier to build on the medium length hair and long. Most girls choose images: angel, Devil, Dead bride, Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Cats, Dolls, Princess. Look for such options of hairstyles.


Bouffant hairstyle for Halloween 2018 / photo:

Hairstyle is the most simple, looks good on long hair. Bouffant do the entire length from root to tip, and disheveled effect fix hairspray. Ideal for creating the image of a Witch or a Zombie.


Braids for Halloween / photos:

A variety of hair braiding is a versatile hairstyle. For example, two conventional braids weave girls who chose the image of Wednesday Adams Doll, Princess warrior. Do not have to braid the entire head, it is possible to weave multiple braids. In braids woven into various themed decor, you only need to show a little imagination.


Original how to braid hair for Halloween / photos:

Incorporated in the beam of the hair can be decorated with Halloween paraphernalia, sprinkle with glitter. Latest beautiful looks and makeup, then the result is harmonious.


How to braid ponytail for Halloween / photos:

Pull hair into a tight tail and head decorated with special accessories for Halloween theme. A few strands can be left from a person that will give the image of romance.

Soft curls

Soft curls / photo:

The image triggered always, because a beautiful curly hair can be the angels and demons. Curls can be slightly to collect beautiful pins, add a ring of artificial flowers, spiders or snakes.

“Colored” hair

“Colored” hair / photo:

On Halloween you can do any hairstyle, but the hair is pre-tinted in bright shades: green, blue, red, purple. If you paint the entire head in bright color do not have the courage, toned, have a few strands. Instead of tonic is often used chalk for hair, colored lacquers, nail tips, or even wigs.


Updo / photo:

To make it, you need to spend a lot of time and possess the skill or use the help of others. Artsy hairstyles complement the tiaras, hats, rhinestones and sequins, shiny pins, decorated with studs.

Hairstyle for Halloween for short hair

Hairstyle for Halloween for short hair / photo:

Experimenting with short hair is quite difficult, the main focus is on color and accessories. One of the more popular options is the Mohawk. In order to make the hair, only need hair gel, and fingers distributed over the entire length in the direction from the roots up.

To harmonize with the Halloween costume will be and colored hair to match. If hair length allows, make small ponytails and adorn them. Short hair you can always add a hairpiece.

Hairstyles for Halloween for girls

Hairstyles for Halloween for girls / photo:

Girl hairstyles for Halloween a little different from the hairstyles that are suitable for adult girls. Girls do styling also depending on the selected image.

Basically these are characters from cartoons and children’s animation films. Often children choose the way of any other animal such as Cats or turn into angels, demons, witches, vampires. Easier to pick a hairstyle for long hair.

Hairstyles for Halloween 2018 / photo:

Leave them loose, weave braids, do a light Perm or a high complex hairstyle. Baby hair are not subjected to the staining, but it is possible to weave piece color lock or catch hairpiece.

In the process of creating children’s hairstyles for Halloween, hair accessories: hair clips, hairpins, elastic bands.

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