Photo: Getty the Pair barely managed to find in the trash lottery ticket

After learning that became winners, they rushed to the garbage. After a long search ticket still managed to find.

In the UK the wife accidentally threw away the winning lottery ticket that brought them 800 thousand dollars. About it writes Daily Mail.

Knowing that were winners, they could not believe their eyes and immediately rushed to find a ticket.

To find it was not just because this day was the garbage collection. After a long search, it still managed to detect.

“In the first message I saw on the email was the lottery results. I saw $800 thousand, and thought that maybe it’s some kind of mistake, and double-checked the numbers,” said one spouse.

The pair admitted that the win she will spend on the repayment of the debt on the mortgage.

Earlier it was reported that American broke a record lottery win. The jackpot amounted to $ 1.6 billion. If the other winners won’t be found, he would go the entire win amount.

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